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What is a JoomlaDay™?

A JoomlaDay™ is an event about the CMS Joomla! During one or several days, the Joomla! community in the area will have the opportunity to gather to learn, teach and, ultimately, to share experiences about this content management system.

Are these events commercial?

No. A JoomlaDay™ is a non-profit community event, and neither the organizers nor the speakers can receive any financial compensation for their work at the event.

If that's the case, why are there sponsors?

One thing is that the speakers and organizers do not make money with the event, and another that they have to bear all the costs involved in organizing it. Events can, and in fact the Joomla Project encourages them to do so, be open to sponsors, who in exchange for reasonable publicity during the event (also before or after in the various media in which the event is supported), will offer an economic compensation to cover all the expenses of the event: renting a venue, catering for the breaks, professional recording of the talks, travel and accommodation of the speakers.

Tickets are free?

It depends on the event. It is not compulsory, among other things because the money collected from the tickets will be used for the organization of the event itself. In northern European countries it is normal that tickets are not free. Here in Spain we have had everything, although lately the organizers try to collect all the necessary to cover the event directly from the sponsors.

Who is allowed to organize a JoomlaDay™?

Virtually anyone. Of course, to have the support of the Joomla Project you must meet a series of requirements and conditions that will be analyzed by the Event Team (the official events group) of the Joomla Project. One of the objectives with which JoomlaES is born is precisely to join efforts within the community, so that the members belonging to it wanting to do things are not alone and scattered throughout the Spanish geography. We have directly or indirectly organized several events in recent years and we are open to collaborate with those who want to organize a JoomlaDay.

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JoomlaDay™ events are officially recognised and licensed by, but not organised or operated by, Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM) on behalf of The Joomla! Project™. Each JoomlaDay is independently managed by a local community. Use of the Joomla!® name, symbol, logo, JoomlaDay,™ and JDay™ and related trademarks is licensed by Open Source Matters, Inc.